I'd like to add an another Site (domain name). Do I need to open another account or can you add this new url using the same billing information?

If you want to use our service on several sites there will be a one-time $29.95 setup fee for each account. Monthly fee will be then based on the total pageviews delivered by all sites. Note: This Feature is not available for the subscription at $9.95.

To add a new site to your account, you need to select the option "Add a new Site" into the Multiple sites Box. To do this you have to login on your current 3dstats account.

When the system will ask your, the number of your 'main account'. Enter the number of your current first 3dstats account.

Note: The owner of the main account can request to the support the disabling of the display of the Multiple sites Box. This option is usefull for resellers, web hosting providers or website developpers.