Tracking advertising campaigns performance
Case Study

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We have a Pay-per-Click campaign on and we would like to track our campaign performance.

I. Track the visitors sent by our Google campaign.

First, we need to create the campaign tracking destination URL. To do this, we selected the option 'Create Campaign URL' in the campaign menu.

We filled the form with the information requested.

and got the following URL:

Our Google Account: Create Ad

On Google, we filled the "Destination URL" with the Campaign URL provided by the 'Create Campaign URL' option. So all visitors sent by our Google campaign will be tracked.

II. Paste the 3dstats sale tracking code on your "confirmation page" or "thanks page".

We have already pasted the 3dstats HTML code on our "confirmation page". We have to paste a small piece of code for tracking the buyers and the sale (only on this page). To get the tracking the 3dstats tracking code we selected the option: "Sale tracking code" in the Revenue and Sale menu.

The code must be pasted before the 3dstats html code.

Note: We changed the variable Sale by the real amount: 9.95

var Sale="9.95";

Few day laters...

III View the visitors sent by our Google campaign.

To see the report of our campaigns , we have to select the "campaign summary" report.

We can see the report for all our Google Adwords campaigns. To see the report for each campaign we have to click on Google adwords link or on the icon folder.

We can see the visitors sent by all our Adwords campaigns (or for each campaign) in clicking on icon.

This visitor is sent by a campaign.

By clicking the icon, we can get the profile of each visitor.

Sample of visitor profile

Note: We can use the "search visitors sent by campaign" option to see, print or export the entire list of visitors sent by the campaign.

For more info, visit Professional website statistics.